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Welcome to the Jungle Baby

Saké and Pot

SAH-kee and Pot

My Why and Where from.

Where I come from. Nope. Not cornbread and chicken. That would be too easy. Besides, I associate cornbread with pinto beans from my teenage years and quite frankly they disgust me still to this day. Through this blog you will get little nuggets of information as I outline my life’s story. I have every intention of turning this blog into an honoring page. A page I can honor and promote products and small businesses as I journey through my book writing career. Nothing excites me more than talking with someone about something they are passionate about. My childhood dream was to be somewhat of an entertainer. I loved playing with the tape recorder and the radio. My cousin and I pretending we were a radio host. More importantly I loved raving about how much I loved a song or a specific musician or band. When I say I felt the love for Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Olivia Newton John, I mean I felt it from hair follicles to toe nails. As I have grown up one thing that I never stopped was my love for music and most certainly my love for how special the artist is. Any entertainer. I loved and adored the bravery, talent and art.

I hope you all can and will appreciate every step I take as I journey to find my “niche” again. I have no dream or desire to become a paparazzi for the Prince and The Revolutions of the world. I have a dream and a passion to share how much I love your world and to see your passion come out as we speak to each other. That is what I’m chasing now. What makes your eyes sparkle? What makes your achievements, no matter how big or small, special and important, offering hope to someone else who has a dream sitting on a shelf waiting for a sign. I want to share your story with anyone who will watch and listen. I have every intention of reminding you how amazing I think you are. Together we will be allowing more people to hear and see something that might encourage them to take their dream down from the shelf and dust it off. Dreams can shine with the right kind of polish. Love, respect and appreciation.

Follow me as I encourage us all to dream and polish old dreams we’ve shelved for decades because fear hindered our courage.

Never forget this…..No One Puts Baby in a Box! Her or him, me or them. No one. Please private message me if you would consider an interview for a documentary I am working on. Involving women and men of all ages.

I want to share your wisdom with the world. It only has to be heard or seen by one person to make a change for the better. One isn’t a lonely number. One is all we need. Then another ONE and another ONE and so on. ❤️ but it can’t start if someONE just looks at it sitting there.

Lynn Rilean Nill -Smith, born in Spokane Washington in 1974 with a purpose. Just took a few years to figure that part out. I hope this blog can bring a smile to your face and offer hope and light when the world feels a bit frumpy.

If you have a fun idea or challenge in need of someone to either love it or gong it, then look no further. I’ll gladly give you my best effort and most honest review.

Within this blog, I will bring you facts, and fiction, mixed with a bit of spicy. ( Literally ) Tabasco sauce and other challenges and much more coming soon.

I will not only share true stories here but also Photography, Poetry, Interviews, YouTube channels and much more.

Wildflowers by Lynn Rilean Smith
Plum Saké and Pot coming soon.
From conception to current.
The story of Lynn Rilean Nill-Smith.
All my best recollections. In hopes if you have been there yourself you too can stand tall and know it’s all going to be alright.

Love like it’s not a dress rehearsal.

Our Grandmother ~ Delores Rilean Johnson Nill
with CC, Dj., Jeremiah, and Jennie Nill
Celebrating THE Anniversary

RIP ~Douglas Lee Nill & Delores Nill

Douglas Lee Nill
~Our Dad~
Without him there would be no us.
Judy Lynn Carter
~Our Mama~
Without her there would be no us.

Lynn Rilean Smith

Who is she, and where did she come from?

Kindergarten Me
Life was about to suck. I just didn’t know it yet.
Holly Hobby Dress
The Ragamuffin school picture.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Douglas Lee Nill’s children
Jennie D’Lee, Douglas Riley, Lynn Rilean
Those precious matching outfits.
Dared not tell Gramma Great how itchy they were.


Did we hit a cocaine truck?
Did we have fun with a funnel cake and powdered sugar?
Tates and Trundle boys.
Reunited and it feels so good.
Stay tuned for
“Kicking it into a higher gear”