Don’t be a DICK

I’m writing this morning to not only share my thoughts but to share what I know first hand works for myself and many others. All it takes is a little work on your part. Consider it a brain exercise. Not for the weak minded. Must be willing to think. Up for the challenge?

This use to hang in every home I ever entered. This made no sense to me as a kid. I saw it as boring art, some form of complicated poetry and (no offense) an old person thing.
Me, now being the old person who has fallen in love with the meaning. I know why it was so important. Think about it. Everyone had a Grandma with the serenity prayer on something.
Knowing my great grandmother I bet it saved her from killing my Dad, uncles and all of us little barefooted mini gypsies that ran around her small home.
Today I keep it at the forefront in order to keep peace. It offers me balance and the ability to pick my battles wiser. Today I have fewer battles but if I do the serenity prayer gets me through them.

I have no desire to succumb to petty words or go to bat with an argumentative ego. It is a waste of time and energy. Maybe if I was 20 again, ( guaranteed then ) but I am half way through and not promised anything so you can bet your ass I’m leaning on the bright side. You can have your right. I’m gonna sit here and enjoy the sun.

He said and she said will prove to fault almost always. Bringing no good. Often skewed and twisted in knots. Insert ( check yourself before you wreck yourself ) here. 

A perception, view and opinion.

We will always be different.
Different can be beautiful.
Different is in the arts.
Different is in the lyrics.
Different is in you and me.
Different doesn’t have to be a DICK unless it’s a Richard.
Even then DICK doesn’t have to be a DICK at all.
Different is okay ya’ll.
Being a jerk is not.

What did one crayon say to the other in the jumbo pack?
“We are family, get up everybody and sing.”

In a perfect world right?

Someone will always be there to draw a line in the sand.
Pick your poison carefully.
Aim for peace.
That’s what my bones tell me.
You can have your sides.
If there’s a stairway to heaven; your side has nothing to do with my ability to climb and vice versa.

We love entertainment. We live for a rush. We love a good laugh and need a good cry now and then.

We are most definitely giving comedians plenty of material to make bank.

None of us enjoy this train wreck now called the world we are living in.
We just sit on our soap boxes and point.
Lacking in wisdom. Lacking in common-sense.
No one smarter than the other but pretending to be.

Switch the script.

Don’t point fingers.
Victim mentality.
Change needs you.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Change happens.
Change is inevitable.
Change does not start on the streets or on a senate floor.

It starts wherever YOU are.
Have wisdom? Share it.
Want change? Be it.

Want to be President? Run for it.

Apply your knowledge to something someone can look back at one day and say WOW they really made a difference.
It’s okay to be the good guy.
It’s okay to be nice.

I end this entry with this.

The world you live in is a perception.
While you’re here, I hope you get to see it.
It’s possible to have peace.
Maybe not across the world but most definitely inside of you.

Peace out ✌️


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