Little Us

2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean

A Father and his Daughters.

If I could only talk to little me and talk to my best friend, little her.

I would tell her that her dad knows Karate and he can kick an SOB.

I’d tell her she knows Karate and to kick an SOB too.

I’d tell her not to wait to tell her parents no matter how distracted everyone was because her being safe mattered, no matter how afraid she was.

I would tell her those men have no business being so nice to her. I would tell those men that too.

I would tell her she is beautiful in pig tails and overly processed orange permed hair.

I’d tell her it’s okay if she catches bugs and gets dirt on her dress because dirt washes and bugs are cool.

I would tell her that shy and quiet is beautiful.

I would tell her the thrift store really is cool.

I would tell her she isn’t ready to be grown up.

I would tell her to stay a kid and ask for another doll for Christmas.

I would tell her there is more to life than someone else’s dreams.

I would tell her if you don’t say something now you are going to be so angry that it will destroy everything good that comes along later.

I would tell her not to beat herself up.

I would tell her NO means NO and that NOBODY has permission to take that away.

I would tell her that one day she is going to be a parent and no matter what happens she will need to always be a parent first and pay attention.

I’ll tell her to have thick skin but it’s okay to wear her heart on her sleeve.

I would tell her nothing good is going to be easy but that nothing easy will be as appreciated.

I’ll tell her evil does exist and if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

I’ll tell her she will fall down but that everyone does that.

I’ll tell her while she’s down to take a few deep breaths and get back up.

I’ll tell her she’s okay.

Not all assaults are preventable and I completely understand that.

I’ll tell her she is going to get MAD DOG mean but she will snap out of it.

I’ll tell her “ Stairway to Heaven and Every Rose has it’s Thorn, ” will always be her favorite songs

I’ll end this writing prompt today with this.

Dear Little Me,

One day you will question everything again. You will ask why and you will wonder a lot.

The day will come.

You will be sitting there and it will dawn on you. You made it here today. It really is okay. It all eventually worked out.

You will replace your shame with forgiveness.

Don’t get too comfortable on your laurels that you stop creating new experiences.

You’ll help other women and children that may feel scared, insecure, tattered, to blame and/or broken.

I will respect and encourage every step you take to get there.

I’ll be there waiting on you.

I love you.

Love always,

Little You