Excuse Us Officer but it’s Our Wedding Day

Inspired by a true event, and a few thoughts.

I can’t help but giggle as I title this.

Rebels with a cause.

Cause: Shelly’s wedding.

Instructions: Drive flowers for reception to the bride by noon.

Where: Arkansas

Nervous yet?

No worries. We made it.

We even got to take a nap. Well, sort of.

Sweet dreams

Okay, it was not actually OUR wedding day. That belongs to our beautiful friend; however, we did have a plan if they tried to ticket us for jaywalking in Eureka Springs.

We love this bride.
Photo credits to KG photography

I plan to update this entry with a photo of the beautiful bride and her groom once photos are released and approved. When I say she was stunning and it was the funnest wedding I’ve ever attended, I mean it. From her friends to her family, her special day was definitely one for the books. Inspiring to say the least.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

I highly suggest you read up on this town’s history. Visit it so you can appreciate all it’s beauty. There is a lot to this small dot on the map. See link below.


I think Kandra and I must have worn our rebel britches. We met some adversity, a weird dog ( an inside funny ) and according to one of the locals, LAWS. We most definitely are not in Kansas anymore Toto. ( Missouri, not Kansas, but you get the gist )

Even the dogs are weird.
Photo credit to Gif shared by Kandra Gannaway

Okay. No biggie. Right. Wear a mask. We get it. We can read. We have restrictions in our town too. We are respectful of others, and walking in our own bubbles, side by side each other, and minding our own business.

We toted around our masks; either dangling from our ear, over our nose and mouth, or in our hand. Up and on as needed. Armed with our face coverings and ready if we have to stand too close to someone or when we enter an establishment for service, NOT for conviction. That’s where she comes in.

“ HER.” The one and only.

If HER ever meant her before , it will probably always mean HER to us now. I remember wanting to interrupt this woman. “ Excuse me ma’m, but do you mind if I video your behavior and the attacking of us right now so I can show my children how NOT to behave?” ( didn’t say it but sure wanted to, as we gave her our best smiles, uh huh’s and okays. Which might I add were through clenched jaws that were hidden under our masks.

She must have been the local guard dog is all I could think.

She tried to tear us apart limb by limb for not knowing the Mask LAW of this little land we were visiting, and how only a DUMB business will let you in without one.

Okay lady, we get it. Now go tend to your own knitting (thought not spoken), and thank you for sharing.

We made sure we kept our distance from her. Masks on and showed total respect.

There’s a time I would have gave her a nice, big fat BLESS YOUR HEART, but I couldn’t find it fast enough.

The conversation lasted for what felt like an eternity, as we waited outside to be taken to our table for lunch. Finally, as if someone dropped a house on her, she vanished. Hale to Dorothy the wicked witch is dead. ( Not really, we were just escorted inside, but a perfect time in this entry to give a shout out to The Wizard of Oz.)

According to our new HER, if you do not have your mask on 24/7, then you are an idiot and must not be from here, she informs us.

No ma’m we are not.” we inform her right back. ( Proud to be here from Joplin, Missouri, so don’t worry as for we’re ONLY visiting. ) Don’t think that thought didn’t almost come out of my mouth as well, because at that point I was feeling HANGRY enough to say it.

Photo credits to LRS

Sweet Eureka. Home to many beautiful sceneries and some very interesting history, art, artist’s, shops, and for this particular post, street signs. Or was it a crosswalk sign? A mix of both? Maybe it was just a piece of art? No clue honestly. It was oddly placed at the bottom of some stairs that allowed the walk to be shortened.

I have to admit it was a lot of fun, and for a brief moment I felt as if we were a part of a movement. Something cool like free the ta-ta’s or something. All we did was ignore a street sign, but it felt so good to be persevering.

I did have worse case scenario images flashing through my mind, and what could possibly happen as we ended our pre-wedding guest venture.

It was all down hill from the top of our shopping spree. (literally) One more store, we both agreed, and then it was off to the Dollar General. ( you can read more about that in “Confessions from a Hysterectomy. I’m not sure if anyone has written that yet, but they should. We got a good giggle out of it, which made it worth the $5.95.

We eyed the last shop and of-course the quickest route to get to it as well.

Folks let me tell you, at a certain point in life, your body just starts doing things different when the humidity is at 99.9%, and we were ready for some air conditioning. Let’s face it. There’s sweaty sexy and then there’s sweaty EW and we had reached sweaty EEEEEW.

Then came the sign. “ CROSSING PROHIBITED “

I’m saddened that I did not get that in a photo. You can bet I will go out of my way to do so the next time I am there, and update this entry.

We did it though.

We crossed.

We rebelled.

I could just see it unfold. Kandra’s magic eyes. Batting her beautiful lashes at an officer and softly saying, “Oh sweet Sir, did we do something wrong?”

“Can’t you read the sign?” he points.


Excuse me officer, “Are you some kind of one man Tesla band?”

Ladies, you are under arrest.

But Sir, it’s OUR wedding day. We were just in a hurry to “ SPREAD THE LOVE ” ~

Photo credit goes to Kandra’s granddaughter. “Spread the Love, Nana”

Okay. Not our wedding day, but it worked.

Charges dropped.

Case dismissed.

Wait. Hold on. Before we go officer, “ Do you mind if we redo those mugshots?” we ask, as we take the tops off our lipgloss.

Photo credit to Sephora.
Referred by Kandra Gannaway.

With all that is going on today, I hope you were able to read this with humor and that it tickles your funny bone as much as it did mine as I wrote it.

2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean

Excuse me officer