I Don’t Need 9-1-1. I Have Her.

2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean

What does it mean when you are the oldest sybling to a Ninja?

I took one of her kick boxing classes once.
I felt every time I ever crossed her in our life during that one class.
I heard her singing a song from the movie Grease.
You Better Shape Up.

All kidding aside~ It was probably the best exercise I’d had in 30 years.

I tease as I say Ninja, but honestly I don’t even attempt to challenge my sister today. Not only because we have out grown that part of us but I’m not stupid. I have no doubt that Chuck Norris would even tap out.

Knocking Knees~ A game we played as children.
Part of that big imagination we had as kids is my guess as to why we would think this was fun.
Also part of the reason why I take Tylenol on occasion for knee pain.

Jennie Nill Tate ~I am looking forward to our one on one interview. Prepare for this topic.

No one was injured in order to write this.
Although it looks like we had an OUCH moment.

If you have ever wondered if Martial Arts is something you would want to do or even could do. I encourage you to watch the videos I have attached and read this blog entry.

Could it really make that much of a difference?

I chose to share a few videos that touched my heart the most, and I answer the question with an absolute yes.

So what does it mean exactly when little sister is a Ninja?

It means you respect her more now then ever because she has self discipline, self control and in my experience arm wrestling her, she has strength that I can’t compete with.
A self defense tool? More like a self defense tool box. Extremely Valuable.
Full of knowledge and wisdom.
Armed with weaponry’s that begin in the mind.
The ultimate weapon, I must say.

Truly, it is more than just a method of self defense.

It is somewhat of a spiritual experience as well, from what I have witnessed.
Sure. You have the strength and muscle on the outside, but it is that inner strength and control that is the force to reckon with.
Beautiful in my eyes.

Do you know her? Can you relate?
The once shy girl that you would barely speak to, and she would cry?

Speak in public? Her? Ha. Never?

Until this journey, she took me traveling just so I could do the talking.
Now, today, in our 40’s, it is her I want to take traveling with me. Ever made a wrong turn and found yourself alone in a dark alley? Or a playground?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aren’t real, but my Ninja Sister is, and what she teaches children today in her Dojo is available to arm your children with confidence because she knows first hand what it is to be without.

I say this with great confidence myself today as a writer, and I have no doubt our late father, Douglas Lee Nill, 2nd degree black belt in Karate~ Lotus style Self Defense, is no doubt, very proud, of his once very shy and quiet little girl.

Our father Douglas Nill ~ Testing up.
He is no doubt smiling down on Jennie.

See attached link to video below that shows the transformation that signing a child and/or adults up for Martial Arts can make all the difference in the world for self esteem and security in oneself.

https://www.facebook.com/BroadmoorKarate/ You can be a part of her fan club here.

I know, because this is my once very shy, timid, insecure little sister.

2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean

Pure O – Living in Endless Fear

Mental Health Matters

2020, Smith Lynn Rilean

Stop. Read. Listen. Learn.

The link I provide below is not only factual but exceptionally informative. I definitely needed to come across this link this morning, as I myself woke up with a heavy heart.

I encourage anyone who may have experienced or currently live with ( OCD and or Pure O ) to read this article.

It is so well written and the Author doesn’t hold back. I appreciate the honesty written here and have the utmost respect for those who know or can relate to even a part of this article.

If you scroll down in the link I provided, you can read more about the common struggles, and thought process, and quite possibly begin to understand what it is like inside the mind of someone you know, love, and care for that lives with Pure O and or OCD.

“ Pure O” is real and a thief of ones peace of mind.

I personally have a very close loved one who can spell out Pure O and OCD rituals clearly~ I watched it rob and ruin many special moments for that individual. Thank God for therapy and experienced, educated individuals that can help you understand that which is a mystery to most.

On occasion it still shows up and roars like an angry lion. I have learned that all I can do is listen, remind them to let it “the thought” play out, which they seem to do well now themself with less suffering, and just continue to love them unconditionally.

The beauty of the people living with Pure O and OCD is that they also give you brutal honesty. Sure, they may try to hide a compulsion like how many times they have to start over brushing their teeth or washing their hands for fear of judgement from peers, but to know the heart of the one living inside that mind is nothing but PURE GOLD that makes Pure O and OCD seem irrelevant. You can thank me later for this. It truly will make a difference to AT LEAST ONE person.

George Ezra opens up about his OCD – Why is it important?

Thank you Mark Wester.


You truly make a difference and your sharing your experience is greatly appreciated.

Mental Health Matters

2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean