Pure O – Living in Endless Fear

Mental Health Matters

2020, Smith Lynn Rilean

Stop. Read. Listen. Learn.

The link I provide below is not only factual but exceptionally informative. I definitely needed to come across this link this morning, as I myself woke up with a heavy heart.

I encourage anyone who may have experienced or currently live with ( OCD and or Pure O ) to read this article.

It is so well written and the Author doesn’t hold back. I appreciate the honesty written here and have the utmost respect for those who know or can relate to even a part of this article.

If you scroll down in the link I provided, you can read more about the common struggles, and thought process, and quite possibly begin to understand what it is like inside the mind of someone you know, love, and care for that lives with Pure O and or OCD.

“ Pure O” is real and a thief of ones peace of mind.

I personally have a very close loved one who can spell out Pure O and OCD rituals clearly~ I watched it rob and ruin many special moments for that individual. Thank God for therapy and experienced, educated individuals that can help you understand that which is a mystery to most.

On occasion it still shows up and roars like an angry lion. I have learned that all I can do is listen, remind them to let it “the thought” play out, which they seem to do well now themself with less suffering, and just continue to love them unconditionally.

The beauty of the people living with Pure O and OCD is that they also give you brutal honesty. Sure, they may try to hide a compulsion like how many times they have to start over brushing their teeth or washing their hands for fear of judgement from peers, but to know the heart of the one living inside that mind is nothing but PURE GOLD that makes Pure O and OCD seem irrelevant. You can thank me later for this. It truly will make a difference to AT LEAST ONE person.

George Ezra opens up about his OCD – Why is it important?

Thank you Mark Wester.


You truly make a difference and your sharing your experience is greatly appreciated.

Mental Health Matters

2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean


  1. Mark Wester says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thank you very much for mentioning about my article ❤ I am pretty new to blogging and seeing that another blogger has just dedicated a post to one of my articles means a lot to me! And I am glad that there are people out there who find my posts helpful and I really hope that I'll be able to help people by talking about my experiences.

    I also find your blog very informative and inspirational and I really look forward to your future posts!



    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are an INSPIRATION my new friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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