9/11/01 ~ Deserves Better than Today.

2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean

***Update*** True Stories and Children’s books for the win. I’m proud of the respect this post was given but I most definitely did not enjoy writing it as much as the other’s. Note to self. If it don’t feel good, don’t do it.


We came together as one.
No matter what you believe.
That day we were United.

We lost our loved ones to terrorism.

There was barely a word mentioned of that today, on any channel or radio station.
Alexa didn’t even interrupt like she did when we were saying HIS NAME. GF. No disrespect.

But you will likely find that offensive for whatever reason because that’s who people are becoming.


What made that day on 9/11 so different then our world here now?

I’ll tell you.

We were NOT trying to kill each other.

We were all in agreement then, and it was easy to be that way.

Not one of us stood tall for terrorism or hate crimes against our country.

The AMERICA we are now, is dividing and destroying itself.

How many commercials interrupted our football games about the lives of those who died in 9/11?

How many commercials did we watch telling us about the children that survived the molesting from trusted priest’s mattered?
What about that justice? Did it just not really MATTER that much?

What about a commercial for Gabriel Hernandez?
Remember him? Do you even know who that is?

Why aren’t the football players helmets wearing that young boys initials? GH
He never caused anyone any harm.
Never made it to an age to even go to jail or make a mistake, let alone rape someone.

“Lynn, just turn the other cheek,” they say.

My reply back.

Lynn says, “she has a cheek that you can kiss.”

How about stop destroying our homes and killing our own people?

There is division and war now.

Because ONE man met a bad cop, which by the way, if you follow, you know his own family does not agree with the mass destruction in the world today caused by that horrific day.

You are going about change the wrong way.

Take off your glasses and look around.

A parent who gives children free reign to run a muck and have no guidance or discipline is not parenting to protect the children.

Some people saying the President should step down because everything is his fault.

What kind of flying monkey shit is that?

Political puke post~

A ~The President looks after all of us like a parent.

B ~ I’m actually stepping out of my comfort zone here and getting political, (breaking my own rule ) , but the chiefs game last night is the straw that broke the camels back for me.
I’m voting for Trump because I’m scared to death for our future if I don’t. Sorry NOT SORRY.

Great game for the very few minutes I saw of it, because then I chose to sleep and I plan to sleep through the rest of this football season.

Fans booing during unity of teams.


Those fans are not helping with team spirit at all, and the commercials are not helping either.

Your messages are poisoning ALL children now, not just a couple children with your stray bullets.

It’s just a gross joke now.

No one knows what is what anymore, and football looks like puppets on a broken string with a fat bank account.

All of that in the A and B above ~ I feel from head to toe.

Now, for C.

I feel C in every breath I take.

C ~ There are plenty of people with a ton of money bitching about BLM etc. ,All lives Matter, and yada yada.

Taking Nancy Green and her legacy and making her a joke. Shame on you.

Fighting for this and that change.

Loaded fat bank accounts, which by the way that only color is green. In case you’ve missed that.
So why are people still looting to feed their children?

Put your money where your mouth is.

All of it, if it helps feed starving children?

You talk big until you have to actually face giving everything you have away to help make a real difference.

Or buy them some Nikes?
Adidas or whatever other name brand floats your fancy.

Money talks to football talent but not to the kid asleep under the bench whose Dad dumped him there.

I’m saddened by the language money talks.

I’m saddened by the confusion in children who don’t understand why the men that they see as super hero’s to them don’t have masks on yet we are all required to.

I’m saddened that millionaires and billionaires talk a lot of shit but that mental health systems run short of funding.
I’m saddened gang violence is still killing children and that more protection isn’t available for victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

I’m saddened that the junkie on the corner is looked upon as a shame, and not a heartbeat.

I’m saddened that my relatives fought in the military, and all they fought for is being ripped away from purple hearts.

I’m saddened that such a beautiful place to live has become such a mass fail.

I’m saddened all Harriet Tubman fought for is not worth anything she fought for.

I’m saddened you have tried to steal the love, respect and admiration of all those who fought for us ALL to be here today.

Sure you can take that statue but your behavior will always disgust me thinking for any second that we had not came far enough to be better people then this.

Too damn far.

I get it.
Everyone wants rights and equality.

But if we keep killing each other there will not be anything left to make right or equal.

After this entry ~ I am not full of rainbows and butterflies or glittery vomit.

I’m sick from what I saw on television last night. Not because no ones life matters; Because it is obvious that money matters most.

I’m just glad in my heart that there is a Heaven, and that I’m doing this thing called life better; Because I will be much happier in Heaven then I’ll ever be if Joe Biden becomes President.

You can have whatever you want, and whoever and whatever lifes you want to make matter.

At this point all I know in my heart of hearts is that HEAVEN MATTERS MOST.

PS ~

If Joe Biden tried to smell my hair now especially that I’m an adult, I would most definitely kick him in his nuts.

Update ~ This entry was a stat test.

I would never share my political points of view. I truthfully love people too much and I know it is a major divider of family and friends. I also still do not know enough about either side to give a thorough talk of the talks with anyone. I do have my opinions etc, but who doesn’t. I listen and nod A LOT. I filter, I process and I do the research which allows me to come up with my own view. This post was created to see what topics get more views. I’m honestly quite proud to say I’ll never be writing for politics. It doesn’t get as much notice as a true story. I do feel sad about some of this blog entry, don’t get me wrong. I can’t help it. I am a “ CARING”. person. That’s what I care to remember everyday. We can be respectfully be on an opposite team and still head home together at the end of the day.

True Stories and Children’s books here I come.



©️ 2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean

Lay me


Rid me
of the

allow me

my eyes
does blow


Moon kissed
sun dewed

lilacs linger

~I can still smell being a child~

I shall

o’ mine
go home now

I kept
a day

I’ll meet you
in the
fields of clover
in my heart

©️ 2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean

Go Home Now


2020, Smith, Lynn R.
Wild Flowers 🌸

Some day.
Oh sweet some day.
What’s that?
Some day?
A place where tomorrow’s grow.
Like wild flowers.
Hear that?
That’s the sound of sun beams
bouncing off the petals.
That is to a flower what a heartbeat is to me and you.

Where do tomorrow’s live?
Oh tomorrow’s live where the river flows.
Where a mountain peaks and an ocean rolls.
Some say that tomorrow isn’t promised
I say tomorrow’s a guarantee.
Mother nature is evidence of that.
Yes with life comes death.
But with sun and rain comes life.

Tomorrow is an interpretation away.
If your tomorrow starts without me it means my tomorrow’s with you become always.

I perceive my tomorrow’s are endless.
I then get to go everywhere you go.
I become for you what a drop of rain is to the dirt.
When you call for me, I’m there.
You will feel me when life screams.
You will feel me when it’s silent.
Just believe.

One day when your tomorrow comes for you I will be waiting.
Holding out my hand for you.
We will sing.
We will dance.
We will pet the wildflowers with our toes.

Feel that?
That’s tomorrow.
Kind of like today only better.
Wild flowers everywhere.

2020 Smith, Lynn R.
Wild Flowers 🌸