2020, Smith, Lynn R.
Wild Flowers 🌸

Some day.
Oh sweet some day.
What’s that?
Some day?
A place where tomorrow’s grow.
Like wild flowers.
Hear that?
That’s the sound of sun beams
bouncing off the petals.
That is to a flower what a heartbeat is to me and you.

Where do tomorrow’s live?
Oh tomorrow’s live where the river flows.
Where a mountain peaks and an ocean rolls.
Some say that tomorrow isn’t promised
I say tomorrow’s a guarantee.
Mother nature is evidence of that.
Yes with life comes death.
But with sun and rain comes life.

Tomorrow is an interpretation away.
If your tomorrow starts without me it means my tomorrow’s with you become always.

I perceive my tomorrow’s are endless.
I then get to go everywhere you go.
I become for you what a drop of rain is to the dirt.
When you call for me, I’m there.
You will feel me when life screams.
You will feel me when it’s silent.
Just believe.

One day when your tomorrow comes for you I will be waiting.
Holding out my hand for you.
We will sing.
We will dance.
We will pet the wildflowers with our toes.

Feel that?
That’s tomorrow.
Kind of like today only better.
Wild flowers everywhere.

2020 Smith, Lynn R.
Wild Flowers 🌸

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