My Construction Worker

Smith. L.R. 2020

My Construction Worker

When you’re a writer, and your husband asks if you want to tag along when he has to work on a Sunday, you go because you can enjoy anything when your with him and you love chasing inspiration. My construction worker inspires me beyond what words can describe.

~ Monet Aquatic Center ~

You can enjoy ANYTHING when he is there by your side.

So you go. You ride with him.

That laundry will be there later.

He is your hero.

He is the one who will do whatever it takes and go the extra mile.

In this case a couple extra miles today, and yep, they do work in the rain and yep, they build your public pools too.

Construction worker’s are essential, and without them we don’t have a place to put the pot to pee in.

We don’t have the building’s to run the firm’s and the hospitals to take care of the sick. We don’t have the storage buildings to house all our extra stuff.

How about those churches we go and praise God? Yes, those too. THEY make them possible.

In fact this guy right here just recently finished a job where he added to a church in a small town in Oklahoma.

Many long days and a lot of driving.

Started the church addition in September 2018 and just recently finished up.

It will have a few days left before he doesn’t have to go back there but I know he will never forget that job.

Part of me thinks some of his heart will always be there in that church.

It turned out beautiful by the way.

That’s what they do. They are hard, loyal and dedicated workers.

One of my favorite memories of my husbands job at this church wasn’t so much the job itself.

It was what I saw him get from it all as he gave his everything to it.

I watched it change him.

He would come home and tell me all about how his day went.

Believe me when I say, there was always something to talk about.

As their wife’s we get to hear some really interesting stuff. At least I know I did.

What meant the most was when he would tell me not one day went by there at that church that he didn’t go inside and tell God thank you and simply sit and find comfort when he felt like pulling his hair out.

He told me he would go in when it got crazy and ask for guidance and direction and calmness.

He would pray all the way to work often.

He may have gave them a church to go to but I got to watch how God became so important to him.

~ LDS Church add on in Oklahoma ~

That was amazing.

No matter what or who you think God is.

Be it Universe, Jesus, particles floating around, Aliens, higher power.

Whatever it takes to believe in something.

Although I must say if he came home and told me a hammer opened up and tried to swallow him as he prayed I’d most definitely be going to get his vitals checked. 🧐

Whatever it is to him, it’s there, and my CONSTRUCTION WORKER uses it to get through each day he leaves our cozy home by the creek.

Wow. They sacrifice a lot don’t they.

Their families love and miss them.

~Grampa and his Grandbaby~

Just know they’re out there because they love their families, and they are good at their jobs.

They are important people.

A lot of days are “goodbye, I love you,” in the morning, and a “goodnight , I love you,” when they arrive home at night.

They have to scarf down a meal because they need to go to bed. They have to be back up in a couple hours.

They miss dinner often with their families.

They can’t make the school programs for their kids because they’re out there building the schools all our children attend.

We had several nights with the face-time goodnights because he didn’t get to come home.

Just a good day to give a shout out and a great big THANK YOU to the guys and gals that have such a vital role in making our lives possible.

This one though, he is extra special to me. He is the one I know personally and see the daily life of as one of these talented hero’s.

He is the one who goes above & beyond and is always there if you call and need something.

He is my go to first, my side kick.

Not one day since the first day we met has he gone without kissing me goodbye in the morning before he leaves for work.

Not one day goes by that he doesn’t tell me that he thinks I am beautiful, and it’s not typically after I have spent 30 minutes fixing my hair. It’s when I just wake up and my eyes are full of chunks of sleep junk and my hair is wet from night sweat.

We talk every day and we talk a lot. One thing we both have in common.

So if you see these guys out and about, which they are honestly everywhere, and very easy to find.

Give them a smile or a thumbs up. If given an opportunity, say hello and let them know you appreciate them.

Richard Dustin Smith
RE Smith Construction Est. 1952
Joplin, Mo.

These are really GOOD guys.

Smith, L.R. 2020

©️My Construction Worker

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