Yes~ Yes~ Yes


Am I wrong? Ladies?

Good morning and you’re welcome.

You can’t wait to wrap your fingers around Joe in the morning.

Photo credits to Pinterest


Okay, very true. Not all Joe’s are good. Too weak. Not strong enough.

The one I’m referring to is better than good.

Yeah, you know.

That Joe.

Hot, steamy, dreamy, creamy and oh so smooth.

Joe is often a necessity for our daily routine.

Essential Joe.

Can’t live without him.

Joe never asks a stupid question.

You know.

You’ve seen Joe before.

Yeah. Exactly.

That delicious Joe.

Joe can have a pretty price tag, depending upon your personal taste.

Joe rarely disappoints.

Joe is ready and available and just waiting on you to make the first move.

Joe is nothing without the women who take charge unless your guy gets to him first.

Joe needs you as much as you need Joe.

Don’t give up on him.

Joe is flexible. You can adjust Joe to fit your needs.

Poor Joe just sits there. Silent. Waiting.

Begging for someone to turn Joe on.

Feeling useless without a good woman, or in this scenario, woman or man, to push the buttons.

~ Oh Joe, I love your buttons~

My Joe isn’t your average Joe.

The Joe I love is pretty much perfect.

Joe is quiet and perky.

Joe never talks inappropriate and has the utmost respect for all women alike.

Joe makes you feel thing’s from your head to your toes.

A good Joe gives you goosebumps, and as you grab Joe, your heart skips a beat.

Oh my goodness, Joe smells so good.

Damn Joe, you have it going on.

Joe you are such a natural morning aphrodisiac.

Joe awakens us with whispers in our ear, “Wake up sweetheart, I’m here and I need you now.”

Oh sweet, strong Joe.

Yes, Joe.

I love you.

P.S. Hebrews

A good guy will gladly wake you up and bring you the best Joe you’ve ever had.

~My guy is definitely the best~
I love you Dusty Smith.

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