2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean

Those facetime screenshots ~ Gotcha Bro

Everyone grows up eventually. Life always changes, and is forever evolving. Some may think this post is me painting somebody a victim but that’s actually polar opposite of what this post is about. This post is about some of our fathers legacy. My brother. An eye of the tiger.

I don’t think I ever knew, until recently, just how absolutely connected, woven and stitched together with my siblings that I truly am.

I absolutely love and adore them. So very much so. In such a way that no matter the time, the distance, and the difference in our dreams, and lifestyles or the way we grew up. We did come from the same package of seeds and started in the same soil.

Of course family’s have differences and carry on with life. Staying together close or growing miles and miles apart. Having different appreciations and nothing in common but one thing. The blood that binds us.

To reflect on memories with them is probably one of my favorite things.

I’m the oldest of us.

The original 3.

Original 3
Jennie, Riley, Lynn

My sister, Jennie, being the next oldest and then we got our brother, Riley. Aka Stormy.

The Ring Leader, ( Jennie ) , The bear poker,( Riley ) and ( Me ) The Peace keeper.

Anyone buying this yet?

Didn’t think so.

They both have labeled me (Ring Leader) ~

Can’t argue that I suppose. I do recall a couple times that my ideas did get us in a little bit of trouble. Hard for me to believe I acted alone as the mastermind of all our enquiring mind adventures.

This one’s for you Riley.

Tiny but Tough

He was born in February during a storm in Spokane Washington. Our elders recall much better than I do. Time passes and the stories we’ve heard don’t stick to me like they use to.

He was the youngest, the only boy, and he was as much of a brat as a little brother can be. If I am being honest I don’t really remember the brat part much. To revisit those years, he was pretty much the little brother that was easy to talk into pretty much anything. (although bless his heart, we did force a lot of Little House on the Prairie on him.)

Damn though. That boy could take a hit. I mean that literally. He climbed a tree in the backyard at the house we were staying at and fell out of it. Thump. There’s Riley breathless. A fall like that would knock the wind out of you too. He cried and was definitely in pain. Later to go to the ER and discovering bruised Kidneys. I most definitely remember feeling so sad for him.

Tough Nill. Wearing his heart on his sleeve like the rest of us. That’s no lie. He was the little brother. I’m sure he annoyed the heck out of us girl’s but I do remember he did not put up with anyone messing with his sister’s. No matter how much we bossed him around or told him to bug off. He would fight back for us.

I said ornery above; Honestly, we spent way more time with him then anyone else ever did, and as I look back, I can tell you ornery just probably meant love me a little bit more. Hello. I’m right here. See me? I love you too. That’s what I believe the ornery kid in him meant. That’s what I believe the ornery means in most children.

I remember him trying so hard to get the attention from a few people to the point he put up with a lot of unnecessary and over the top discipline. Truly unacceptable, and unfair bullying from someone who truly had no business having that role.

I must say, Riley has made my sister and I laugh, cry, and revisit not only the ugly stuff but some of the BEST times.

We grew up watching boxing and Rocky. He calls me Rocky today. ( temperament maybe ) But he doesn’t see that’s him, he is the tough one and the one we can see the eye of the tiger in. We see his survival through events and circumstances that most would not still stand to tell about.

I realize to still be able to have a conversation with him is a blessing. The 3 of us kids had to hold onto one another many times to feel as safe as possible several times. To know that, is a gift today.

You are each other’s best friend’s no matter how annoying you are to each other. You’re what you can depend on most. You have to. You’re all you got.

Time changes everything except that.

Shit happens but we most definitely talk about the old times and become those kids again.

Myself 46, Jennie 45 and Riley 41 now. We have began to travel together. Not by boat, car, plane, or bicycle, and damn sure not a greyhound bus.

Today we travel back in time together.

Jennie, Riley and myself, each morning as early as 4:30 am, begin the day with Good Morning, and end the evening with Goodnight. One thing I do admit I appreciate about technology and it’s advanced methods of communication is the ability to be a group.

( September 15th 2020 )What a great day. Between the 3 of us, Uncle Kevin and Uncle Dwayne, I decided my siblings are my cousins, and that I’m an only child to our dad. ( Well, my Dad. ) ~ & NO, not in a Joe Dirt kind of way. It was such a hoot being so silly with them.

Such a fun laugh with them all, but then I realized something. Something really important.

I wouldn’t trade my little sister or brother for the world. We’re all pretty tough, but you’d have to go through Jennie first if you want to take them from me; Because, she is the NINJA.

All kidding aside, I will always be grateful for my sister, and my brother. Adventures are great but there’s nothing like holding hands with them for a walk down memory lane.

2020 Smith, Lynn Rilean

Love Your Brother

Riley and Lynn Nill

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